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Grant Resources


Why Grant Writing

Perhaps you have heard of someone writing a grant to acquire additional classroom or building resources. The grant may have yielded funding for additional hardware or software, or it may have promoted a special project. Have you ever considered writing a grant but did not know where to turn for support in creating a successful proposal?

Well then, you have come to the right place!

Grant writing usually begins with a creative idea that requires a funding source in order to turn it into an actual project. Exploration of the types of grants follows and then a selection of a particular one that best matches the project. The resources and information on this site are here to assist you in exploring ideas, educating yourself about grants, and accessing important tips and strategies for grant writing.


One common misconception associated with grant writing is that writing the grant proposal is the primary component of the grant seeking process when, in fact, careful planning and research are just as critical. Many funding sources are available to teachers with ideas for creative, hands-on learning. Nevertheless, to be successful at winning grants, it is important that teachers match their idea with a funder's priorities. Most funding sources require a detailed outline of the need and how the grant writer plans to address it, shows the benefits, and clearly identifies required resources.