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 Training Videos and Printout

All videos below have corresponding PDFs if you would like a printout.



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Embed EasiNote--Launching Note and Menu Layout

EasiNote--Shapes Tool

EasiNote--Erase, Undo, & Redo

EasiNote--Crescent Ball and Page Ball Mode

EasiNote--Page Grouping

EasiNote--Desktop Annotation Mode

EasiNote--Desktop Mode: Toolbox

Note: Import

Note: Print & Export

Note: Menu Settings - Additional Options

Note: Menu - Help

Note: Text Box - Teaching Mode

Note: Text - Object Linking Tool

EasiNote--Handwriting Tool

EasiNote--Handwriting Recognition Tool

EasiNote--Page Management

EasiNote--Roaming Tool (Infinite Canvas)

EasiNote--Deleting Pages and Groups

EasiNote--Desktop Mouse Mode

Note: Save - Open - Exit

Note: Import Clipboard

Note: Menu - Text Settings

Menu Settings - Note Lesson Options

Note: Menu - Modes

Note: Text - Text Box - Preparation Mode

Note: Text - Formatting Text