Los verbos (action verbs)


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Verbos del 4to. grado/ Verbs

List #1


comer / to eat saltar/ to jump
beber/ to drink correr/ to run
dormir/ to sleep caminar/ to walk
hablar/ to speak jugar/ to paly
escuchar/ to listen leer/ to read
abrir/ to open estudiar/ to study       escribir/ to write


conjugation using the YO= I form

In Spanish in order to speak correctly and make sentences in the present tense for the YO form the endings ER, IR, and AR need to dropped and then add "O"

  • Example:

 Yo hablo (I speak)

yo como (I eat)

yo escribo(I write)

  • You need to be careful with jugar (to play) and dormir (to sleep).  These two verbs are stem-changing verbs.  This mean the root changes before you add the "o".

  • For example:

yo duermo (I sleep)

yo juego (I play)

Conjugation Rules for Third person singular He/ él and She/ ella

you keep the root of the verb and add "e" for the IR and ER & "a" for the AR endings

  • For example:

él habla (he Talks, he speaks)

ella come (she eats)

él escribe (he writes)

  • Remember that to sleep and to play are stem-changing verbs (the root changes as well).  For example:

él duerme (he sleeps)

ella juega (she plays)