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Internet Safety Presentation

On Tuesday, April 30th, seventh and eighth grade students attended presentations on Internet Safety provided by The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, Cyber Crimes Unit.  The program was a dynamic, entertaining, and informative 360-degree discussion about general Internet Safety, information control, social networking mistakes, sexting, and cyberbullying. We encourage parents and guardians to continue the conversation at home with your student (s).  Our presenter Sgt. Matthew J. Tiedemanns left students with three basic guidelines to remember.

  1.  Your “online” life and your everyday life are supposed to be the same thing.
  2.  Your personal information has value, so protect it.
  3.  Your words, pictures and videos have meaning and consequences too.

Our School Resource Officer Detective Maxwell Werner was also in attendance today and stressed student safety regarding student use of Uber and Lyft.  Students were reminded that they should not communicate online with people they don’t know personally and never arrange to meet them. We each have a responsibility to speak up when we witness something unsafe online. Please keep in mind and reinforce our TMS Gimme 5 program, specifically, “ #2, Every Student, Every day!” and “#5, Tell us When.”

internet safety