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Updated full virtual material pick up and drop off at Smith

Dear Parents and Guardians of Full-Virtual Students,

 Smith Elementary School transitions back to in-person learning tomorrow February 22, 2021.  In the hybrid concurrent learning model, the demands upon our teachers and staff become increased. I write this reminder letter to support both the preparation of our full-virtual students and their teachers for success.

 Parents and guardians are expected to make arrangements for learning materials to be picked up and delivered to school on the last day of each week. The times remain from 9:30 AM -3:30 PM. A consistent pick-up and drop-off of weekly materials are important for the learning and engagement of our students. Teachers cannot be expected to deliver work in an additional modality such as uploading work or personalizing pick-ups and drop-off arrangements. 

 The full virtual model is set up for students while they are domiciled in Tenafly to learn full-virtual for safety due to the pandemic. If your child is attending full-virtual school away from their home, please confirm their location and a return date with me this week. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this unprecedented time.

Please stay healthy and safe,

Daryl L. George



Smith Elementary School