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Flooding of Classrooms

September 26, 2018


Greetings, Smith School Community,

On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 25th, there was a heavy downpour of rain that resulted in the flooding of several classrooms at the rear of Smith School and in the hallways along that area.  For the safety of students and staff, Smith School conducted an early dismissal.

The Smith School administration, faculty and staff, along with the Buildings and Grounds Department of the Tenafly Public Schools,  limited the damage by swiftly removing supplies, rugs, book bags, and instruments from the floor area prior to the water actually entering the classrooms.  Ultimately, the water damage was contained to three building entrance mats that were then discarded.  A three-foot square area of the library entrance was also made wet by the water.   That area was immediately cleaned with disinfectant and thoroughly dried.

The Buildings and Grounds Department vacuumed and mopped the floors to eliminate the water that made its way in.  Once that was completed, the custodial staff conducted a full cleaning and sanitization of the affected floors and those nearby to the affected area.  Fans and floor drying equipment were utilized to thoroughly dry the affected areas of the school.  All areas were inspected, identified as safe for occupancy, and classrooms items were then put back in place so that school could resume on schedule on Wednesday, September 26th.

To be clear, no water flowed through vents or came through the walls. The water entered the building from the exterior doors. Once it was in the hallways, it flowed into a few classrooms. All air handling units were checked to ensure there was no water in any of them.

Our thanks to all those who cooperated with this procedure, which resulted in the safe release of all Smith School students to their respective parents/assigned caregivers, as this allowed for the comprehensive assessment of the damage and for the thorough clean-up process to take place.

Commendations go out to Principal Ross and his entire Smith School team, as well as to our school business administrator who oversees facilities, Mr. Yas Usami, and our Buildings and Grounds department, under the direction of Mr. Tommy Lepore, for their leadership, professionalism, and management of this situation. Likewise, we are so proud of all Smith students for their cooperation during this event.

In closing, we thank you, parents and caregivers, for your cooperation and understanding during the pick-up process.

Very Truly Yours,
Shauna C. DeMarco
Tenafly Public Schools