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Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences

December 9th - Afternoon and Evening Conferences

December 10th - Afternoon Conferences

in person or virtually

On December 9th and 10th, you will be coming to school in person or virtually for your first Parent/Teacher Conference.  I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to discuss your child’s school progress.  It is one of the many steps we take to build a partnership with you for your child’s educational program. 

Your child’s report card will be available through the Genesis Parent Portal on Wednesday, December 8th. Having it a day before conferences will give you an opportunity to review and come to the conference with questions you may have for the teacher.  We know that you and your child’s teacher will have an invaluable tool of communication that will allow a clear picture of how well your child is acquiring the skills set forth by the NJ state standards on their grade level.

Conferences are intended to be interactive events.  Certainly, teachers will have considerable information, rubrics and some work samples to share with you.  However, we also benefit from hearing about your children’s reactions to their school experience.  Please be aware that our special teachers are also available during the conference periods.  It may prove useful to meet with special teachers in order to gain a fuller perspective of your child’s performance.

When the conference is over, you should have a better understanding of all aspects of your child’s school experience.  Your child will undoubtedly be curious about the conference.  It is more than appropriate to communicated the essentials of the meeting and review your child’s strengths and areas for continued growth.  Our teachers want to make each conference worthwhile and look forward to the opportunity to meet with you.