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Parenting the Anxious Child (January 2022)

Thanks for attending “Parenting the Anxious Child” Zoom SEPAC Presentation

Resources mentioned in the presentation

CPNJ resource flyer for Anxiety and Depression and CPNJ district monthly newsletter (January issue focuses on Coping Skills) available on the Care Plus page of Tenafly Public schools.) 

CPNJ Freedom From Anxiety group (takes insurance) -

The 24/7 Performcare hotline for youth in crisis in NJ is 877-652-7624. A parent or guardian must call.  If anxiety is impacting your student to the degree that they are restricting their regular activities or school attendance, a call  for screening is appropriate.  For psychiatric emergencies, please call 9-1-1 or go directly to the ER.

Care Plus NJ resources in Tenafly district

Elementary school families:  Jeannie Kang-Suh, LPC, 201 296-5171  -

Middle school families: Mackenzie Kuhl, LSW, 201-816-4900 x4223 -

High school families: Heather Brown-Huston, LPC, 201-669-7336  -