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Lockdown Alert System

Lockdown Emergency Notification System (LENS)

Tenafly Public Schools installed a Lockdown Emergency Notification System (LENS) at each school. When activated for a lockdown or emergency drill, blue lights flash at each entrance to the associated school(s).

Please remember NOT to enter any school when the blue lights are flashing.

Why a Lockdown system?

This equipment is part of the District’s initiative to continuously enhance the safety and security of all students and staff. LENS is a faster and easier way for schools to go into Lockdown mode, meaning no one is allowed in or out of the building, and all students and staff are secured in classrooms.  

What happens when the Lockdown system is activated?

  • Police 911 and Tenafly Police Dispatch are called
  • School administrators are automatically notified
  • Blue strobe lights turn on automatically

Evacuation/Shelter in Place are activated from any desk phone. When the extension for Evacuation/Shelter in Place is dialed:

  • Police 911 and Tenafly Police Dispatch are called
  • Blue strobe lights are manually activated
  • School administrators are automatically notified

What the Lockdown system does not do.

It will not manually lock doors throughout the campus; however all student and staff badge access is disabled and all TPS Lockdown procedures are followed by district staff. The system notifies administrators, police, and 911 that a Lockdown is needed.

How will this new system be incorporated into Lockdown drills?

Drill procedures and expectations are in place to ensure that the system is also tested when Lockdown drills are conducted. As with fire drills, it is important to test all procedures that could be used to inform the district that a specific emergency action is needed.