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THS Contest Winners - NCTE Achievement in Writing

The 2024 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Achievement Awards in Writing Contest results are in and once again, several of our THS students received the following distinction(s):

  • Lunette Shaw: First Class - "And So She Grew” Poem
  • Hongbi Cho: Superior - "Becoming A Conversation” Poem and "Beyond The Walls” Poem
  • Sara Hau: Superior - “Haircut” Video Poem
  • Ash Shoham: Superior - “Road to Truth” Poem
  • Jordan Yanowitz: Superior - “Unwritten Tales” Poem, “Sister” Poem, “The Ignominy of Being a Girl” Poem, “A Teapot” Poem, “Don’t” Poem, “Notice Me” Poem, “Fruitless Contortions” Poem and “Sister, Sister” Personal Essay
  • Heeseo Yoon: Superior - “Embracing My Truth: A Journey Beyond Belief” Personal Essay

This year, schools nominated 633 students to participate in the Achievement Awards in Writing Program. From the U.S., students were nominated from 44 states, as well as Guam and Washington, D.C. Internationally, teachers nominated students from Canada, Greece, Jordan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. The national judges evaluated each piece of writing for expression of ideas, language use, and unique perspective and voice. They then assigned one of four designations, as follows: First Class, Superior, Excellent, and Merit.

Congrats to these student writers for their excellent work!