The theatre classes are introductory, meant to build confidence, social and interpersonal skills and give tools that will help each student become a successful, effective communicator as they grow in their school career. 

    The class grades are broken down as follows:

    *Participation-50% Although grades are not based on talent a theatre class cannot run without the participation of the students. This means volunteering to read, and putting their best foot forward when we do warm-ups, activities, lessons and final projects. The participation grade also accounts for behavior, respect of the teacher and peers and supporting each other in class. Participation is worth a test grade.  

    *Units will end in a final project or presentation that are worth homework grades, except their playwriting unit, which is worth a quiz grade. These combined equal the other 50% of the class grade. Each project or presentation is scored on a 30 to 40 point rubric, depending on the unit, that is always available in the class and shown to the students at the beginning of each unit.  Units are posted below but not always taught in this order. Click on the unit below to see the rubric. 

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    UNIT 1-Intro week

    Unit 2: Improvisation

    Unit 3: Theatre History

    Unit 4: Character/Scene Study

    Unit 5: Playwriting or PSA (8th) or Commercial (6th/7th)

    Unit 6: Technical Theatre

    Unit 7: Shakespeare

    Unit 8-Public Speaking