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    Welcome! I am Miss Bracero, the new art teacher here at Mackay Elementary School, this is my first year teaching. I studied Fine arts at Montclair State University and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Education. I am very excited to be exploring as well as creating artwork with the students while developing critical and creative problem solving skills, self confidence, imagination, and much, much more! 

    A wise young student once told me, "If you're hands are messy, you're doing it right." 

    Feel free to reach me at kbracero@tenafly.k12.nj.us, I will respond within 24 hours 

  • In art this year we will be exploring a variety of art making techniques, such as painting and sculpture making. We will be incorporating the elements and principles of art and design as well as the influence artists of the past and present have on the way we create, think, and respond to art and ideas of art making practice. We will collaborate with one another and create original works of art. 

    Each grade has particular units of study that build upon each other as well as build upon the previous year in art. 
    In Kidergarten we study Line, Shape, and Color
    In 1st grade we study Line, Shape, and Texture
    In 2nd grade we study Line, Form, and Pattern
    In 3rd grade we study Line and Balance 
    In 4th grade we study Space and Value
    In 5th grade we study Value and Movement
    Class Rules:
    I will be kind.
    I will be safe.
    I will be Respectful.