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    Study Skills focuses on the development of skills at each grade level, based on the specific needs of the student.  This is an ongoing process, which should continue to be refined each year at each instructional level.  The primary objective is to develop the skills and strategies necessary to acquire and retain academic information in each core content area, and to complete work as independently and effectively as possible.  Skills are covered as needed to master and retain content presented in core subjects, in compliance with NJ State Standards.  For further details please refer to team Study Skills teacher pages.  

    Listed below is a menu of possible skills that might be addressed throughout the year, as needed, not in any particular order.

    Transition to middle school


    Time Management

    Tracking & managing daily, weekly & long-term resposibilities

    Technology skills and resources

    Textbook Reading Comprehension strategies

    Note-taking & summarizing

    Study/Memory Strategies

    Test-taking strategies

    Homework strategies 

    Learning Strengths

    Oral Presentation skills

    Listening skills

    Meta-cognition strategies

    Writing strategies       

    Self advocacy, self-monitoring, self-reflection

    Individual goal setting and self-reflection

    Preparation to transition to high school


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