• World Language

    Welcome to the World Language department of Tenafly High School!  Students at THS study French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish.  All students are encouraged to reach their highest proficiency in their language of study as they aim to understand global cultures.​

    Faculty News
    THS welcomes two new faculty members this year in the World Language department.  Ms. Karen Drake will teach Spanish I and II CPA, in addition to Spanish II CPB.  Ms. Drake comes to THS after teaching for several years at Elysian Charter School in Hoboken.  Ms. Christine Osborn will teach Spanish III CPA and Spanish II CPB.  Ms. Osborn recently taught part-time at Waldwick High School and has coached swimming in the past.     

    2019 Advanced Placement Scores
    Tenafly High School is proud to announce the Advanced Placement results for the May 2019 exams.  100% of students who took the AP Japanese test scored a '5' and 88% of students who took the AP Spanish test scored a '4' or '5'.  The average scores in each language were:  French:  4.1, Japanese:  5.0, Spanish:  4.25, and Chinese:  4.4.  THS celebrates the rigor that is offered in these sequences and thanks the teachers for their hard work and dedication, which result in excellent scores.     

    **NJ Seal of Biliteracy Pilot Assessment Information for Junior and Seniors**

    Seniors who wish to achieve the NJ Seal of Biliteracy may take the assessment in December 2018.  The assessment will take place during unit lunch.  More information will follow in the coming months.  11th graders will have the opportunity to sit for the assessment in February 2019.  Students should see their World Language teacher for information.  

    Important Questions:
    1.  What is the NJ Seal of Biliteracy?

    NJ Seal of Biliteracy is a distinction that students achieve by demonstrating that they are able to speak, read, listen and write in two or more languages at a high level of proficiency.

    2.  What is the purpose of the NJ Seal of Biliteracy?

    The Seal of Biliteracy seeks to:

    • Encourage students to study languages
    • Certify attainment of biliteracy
    • Provide employers with a method of identifying people with language and biliteracy skills
    • Provide universities with a method to recognize and award academic credit to applicants seeking admission
    • Prepare students with 21st century skills
    • Recognize and promote second language instruction in public schools
    • Strengthen intergroup relationships, affirm the value of diversity, and honor the multiple cultures and language of a community
    3.  What are the requirements to gain the NJ Seal of Biliteracy?​

    In order for students to be eligible to receive the Seal of Biliteracy, they must meet certain criteria:

    • Students must demonstrate a proficiency level of Intermediate Mid in a World Language.
    • Students must demonstrate proficiency in English by meeting State high school graduation requirements in English or its alternatives, including through State ELA assessments.

    4.  When will the pilot assessment take place and what assessment will students take?  
    Students will take the STAMP 4S assessment over 4 lunch periods in December and February.    

     The New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standard for World Languages:
    7.1 World Languages All students will be able to use a world language in addition to English to engage in meaningful conversation, to understand and interpret spoken and written language, and to present information, concepts, and ideas, while also gaining an understanding of the perspectives of other cultures. Through language study, they will make connections with other content areas, compare the language and culture studied with their own, and participate in home and global communities.
  • Elizabeth W. Giblin, Ed.D.

    Supervisor of World Language, English Language Arts, ESL, and Visual Arts

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