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Lois Mayz

Bienvenidos. Me llamo Lois Mayz.This is my twenty-second year teaching Spanish to elementary school students in Tenafly. Prior to coming to Tenafly, I was a teacher in the New York City Public School System. I am the teacher of Spanish at Stillman Elementary School- kindergarten through fifth grade. It is a joy to teach Spanish to students at these grade levels since they are eager to learn a new language. They bring a great deal of enthusiasm and energy to the classroom, which I  so enjoy.

I use a variety of activities to help students learn and use the Spanish language. These include music, games, literature,and technology. I use the "Symtalk Language Program", which is a visual language program, to help students build vocabulary and understand language structure. I use the"Rockalingua Program", which is a  music-based program with many enjoyable activities for students to increase their communicative skills in Spanish. I use the Calico Spanish program with the early grades, which is a story-based program. All students will join and be required to use my Google classroom for their individual class. I encourage my students to use my website frequently to practice vocabulary and structures through videos, games, my listening lab and more.
My goal is to help students gain the confidence needed to use the Spanish language both inside and outside of the classroom.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at .