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  • Welcome to the PAWS Preschool Page.  Ou preschool is designed for students ages three through five with disabilities.  We are a full day program and have a one to one student to staff ratio.  The PAWS Preschool also provides allied services including Speech and Lauguage Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.  The PAWS Preschool uses the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Not only do we teach students in Discrete Trial settings, we also teach in small and large groups as tolerated.  Our students have the unique ability to participate in typical elementary school activities including Physical Education, Music Education and Media Science as well as attend all school assemblies.  Additionally, they go on four seasonal field trips each year and are able to attend summer session through July.  We provide a unique environment that with differentiated learning opportunities foe each students needs based on their Individual Educational Plan.  Student learn through the use of multimedia and multisensory techniques to facilitate learning style for each student.  We provide opportunities for imaginary play, social skills, self-help skills, game playing, turn taking and center based learning.  Overall, the Preschool PAWS Program provides  comprehensive learning for Preschoolers with Disabilities in all facets of their lives.



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