Welcome to Art

  • Instructor: Leslie Williamson

    Welcome to the art page for Maugham! This year, art may be taught a few different ways, depending on our method of instruction (in person or remote). During hybrid instruction, students in grades K-5 will meet for specials on a rotating basis, switching among the special teachers every 10 days.  If we go to complete virtual instruction, the schedule may revert to having every special once a week. In either case, art lessons will build throughout the year from the basic elements of art and principles of design, and will become more involved each year as the students develop their art skills and concepts. The notion of creativity will be addressed throughout  our lessons, always encouraging students to make connections and build on existing ideas.  Lessons will often also link to one or more significant artists as reference and inspiration for the students' work. I hope by the end of each student's time at Maugham they will have acquired a solid foundation in art history and a variety of art making processes, and will know how to apply this knowledge in the service of making expressive artistic statements.



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