Grade 6 World Language Class Starts Friday. Sept.18

  • We will begin World Language classes this Friday, 9/18. Since these classes usually take place during lunch, we will use a portion of the WIN time. Students will attend sessions from 2:15-2:50 only on their cohort days (all virtual students should follow the cohort they were assigned in case of return). The attached calendar matches the elementary schools and will be our calendar for the hybrid learning days. September 18th will be A group so that both groups have three days each to start.

    Even when hybrid begins, these classes will be virtual. Students will go home for lunch at 1:15 and then sign on at 2:15.

    Our three Spanish teachers will be Ms. Nelson, Ms. Diaz-Gallardo, and Ms. Neira. Ms. Yoon will teach French and Ms. Coleman is our teacher of Chinese.  The students will receive Google Classroom invites from their respective teachers.

    Our World Language Program in Tenafly is outstanding because we have talented teachers at every level and because we make it part of the students’ day beginning in 2nd grade for many years, and now in Kindergarten. Our students consistently earn medals for national exams and graduate THS with bilingual honors. We were determined not to let the hybrid schedule get in the way of our program.

    Students should see an invite over the next couple of days to join a class.  Thank you for your help and support.

    In short, students will log in to world language classes at 2:15 from home on their cohort days starting this Friday with our A cohort.

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