• Dear TMS Families,

    On Monday, October 31st  all TMS students are permitted to dress up or wear costumes for Halloween during the school day. We believe students can have fun while maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment. Please discuss and ensure the following guidelines be followed if your child chooses to dress up:  

    • No masks. Students may wear medical masks if they choose to. 
    • Costumes are not to be disruptive to instruction or any student’s ability to learn.
    • Costumes should be practical and not inhibit movement throughout the day. Students will be sitting at their desks doing work and participating in their PE & Integrated Arts classes on a regularly scheduled day. 
    • Items/toys that resemble any kind of weapon are not permitted.
    • Costumes may not be in violation of the established school rules or dress code. 
    • Students are urged to select costumes that are not offensive or hurtful to others (gender, race, culture, religion, etc.) Costumes should not be in poor taste or represent violence.
    • Students must wear shoes or sneakers (no slippers, or flip flops)  

    A Halloween costume contest will be held by the Student Organization during the lunch periods for all grades. The categories are:  best group, most creative, and funniest costume – Prizes will be awarded!

    Additionally, 6th graders are invited to attend a Halloween Party Friday after school, 3:00 - 4:00pm. 

    Please talk to your children about being safe if they choose to go out this Halloween season in the evening with friends. Students are encouraged to wear bright clothing and carry flashlights. Please reinforce the importance of pedestrian safety, staying together and avoiding strangers.

    Thank you for your understanding and anticipated support.  We hope everyone has a fun and safe celebration!  


    John D. Fabbo, Principal