Picture Day - 2018

  • Picture day is Friday, October 5th.    Students take their pictures during the period they are scheduled for P.E. 

    Picture orders or payment will not be collected at the school – the ordering is entirely on-line. If you have any questions about your order, please contact Irvin Simon directly at: (800) 540-4701. 

     Please review the on-line ordering procedure:

    • All students who have their picture taken on October 5th will receive a “Proof” document in homeroom on or around October 31st. This proof will provide you with a Unique Online Code and the web address  where you can see your child’s photo and order pictures. If you like the photo that you see, simply place your order and pay online directly with the company. Once you do this, the company will ship your order directly to you approximately 2 weeks from the date you place and pay for your order. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE PHOTO, DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER. Rather, your child must take a new photo on PICTURE RETAKE DAY.
    • Picture Retake Day is Nov. 13.  Students who did not have a picture taken on October 5th, or who wants to take a new photo, may have their photo taken. Photos will be taken opposite their lunch period in the lobby outside the auditorium. Proofs will be distributed in homeroom approximately 2-3 weeks after retakes along with a Unique Online Code and the web address where you can see your child’s photo and then order pictures. 
    • If a student takes a second picture on Nov. 13, you may choose which picture to purchase, however the RETAKE picture taken on November 13 is the one that will appear in the yearbook regardless of preference.