Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year, Alycin Slezak and our Educational Service Professional of the Year, Nurse Hess!  Two very deserving recipients of this prestigious award.  I thank those of you sent in letters of nomination.  Your sincere and appreciative words about our fantastic faculty make serving on the selection committee a true joy and an uplifting experience!

     It was wonderful to see all of you at Parent/Teacher conferences.  I hope that your meetings were informative and that you are pleased with your child/ren’s accomplishments. Continue to encourage them to always strive for the best and with your help and ours, they will achieve it. These are the important years of their education because this is where it all happens. The rest of their learning builds on this foundation so let’s build their foundation as strong as it can be for a solid and positive future.

    Our music program really shines this time of year!  Watching our young musicians perform for our school and our parents is a true testament to all of your support and the fantastic instruction they receive from Sra. Mayz, Mr. Carolan, Ms. Cassidy and Ms. Rizzo.  Our musicians have grown tremendously since the start of the year.  The opportunity to perform in front of others not only provides the audience with a great experience, but also builds self-confidence, public speaking, and pride in ourselves, our programs, and our schools!  This is true in our classrooms as well. I have been very impressed by the Writing Celebrations and student presentations that I have attended thus far.  Thank you to all of our teachers who celebrate learning and to all of you, the most supportive and encouraging audience we could ask for!  

    This is the time of year for singing, gift giving and thinking about change.  Our WITS club is doing all three!  The WITS club, World Improvement by Tenafly Students, which is directed by Nurse Hess is not your average after school club!  WITS members, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are involved in many community service projects that they chose, focusing on local and global issues.  The members are not just doing community service, they are learning about issues that affect the lives of others.  This year they have already met with the Mayor and taken part in meaningful activities around Children’s Toy Safety.  They also visited the Bergen Family Center in Englewood to sing songs, converse with the senior citizens and distribute the Holiday Toys and books which they have been collecting for the past few weeks.  Thank you to Ms. Rizzo for accompanying them!   I am proud of our students for giving these special gifts to others.  On November 19th, our WITS students presented to our Board of Education.  They presented themselves and represented Stillman School with poise and passion.  I highly recommend that you view the Board Meeting. (Available on the District Website at  http://librarymedia.net/tenafly-board-of-education-meeting-november-19-2018





    Mrs. Lander