•  Dear Stillman Families,

    These past months have been filled with excitement. Curriculum and instruction have been focused on collaborative and integrated learning.  We have enjoyed many field trips and school events including a recent visit from the Tenafly Fire Department where our own, Mr. Gansel taught our entire school about Fire Prevention and Safety.   This year, we assembled into a “I.”  Only 11 more years until we complete “STILLMAN SCHOOL!”

    Now that we’re really into the school year, remember to keep asking your children about their day.  Start with something positive.  “What was one great thing you did today?”  “What was a choice you made that made you feel good?”  “How did you help someone today?”  But also ask, “What’s one thing you wish went differently?”  “What’s something that was hard for you today?”  These questions lead to growth mindset and can also serve as a springboard for excellent conversation.  Some families play “Roses and Thorns at dinner.”

    Thank you to our HSA for all that they do, from ordering and delivering lunches to creating amazing events for our children to participate in.  The Halloween party was terrific and we all appreciate our fantastic team of parents who support our school through fundraising, and FUN-raising!! On the “Roses” side, I am happy to share with you all of the terrific work that I see in our school each day.  I love walking into a classroom and seeing our students working collaboratively, independently, and critically!  Reading and Writing Workshops are underway and many classes have already completed their first published pieces! There are great math, science, and STEM lessons going on each day!  If you’d like an insight into some of our day, please follow me on twitter @PrinipalLander

    Our Student Council, under the direction of Ms. Alycin Slezak held their first meetings and fundraising event. Thank you to all of you for your support of their Pink Shoelace and Lemonade Sale.

    Good, Better, …..


    Mrs. Lander


    Important Homework Policy—Please be reminded that when a student is absent, all missed work is given upon the child’s return to school.  Assignments are not given before anticipated absences as per district policy.  In addition, homework and materials may not be dropped off during the school day.

    Please be reminded that the “Kiss and Drop” portion of our carpool line in the mornings and afternoons begin just after the historical sign.  From that “No Parking” sign to the corner is an area where you must remain in your car and wait for your child to come to you.  Please do not exit the car as it creates congestion, confusion and a safety hazard.