The mission of Tenafly High School, a diverse community valuing academic excellence, collaboration, responsibility and self-expression, is to build and to sustain a stimulating, safe and nurturing learning environment which challenges students to reach their potential as individuals and as contributing members of an ever-changing global society



    Graduates of Tenafly High School will be:

     -Critical Readers
     -Effective communicators, writers and listeners
     -Able to gather information for learning and research
     -Able to apply technology to specific tasks
     -Problem solvers
     -Able to transfer knowledge and skills to new situations
     -Aesthetically appreciative 
     -Self-managing and self-challenging
     -Able to exercise appropriate judgment
     -Able to make decisions with an understanding of their consequences and responsibilities
     -Able to accept defeat with grace and victory with humility
     -Honest and of sound moral character
     -Physically fit
     -Advocates of a healthy lifestyle
     -Able to work within social, organizational and technological systems
     -Environmentally aware
     -Responsible citizens in their communities.
     -Capable leaders and/or group members.
     -Respectful of cultural diversity.