•  Welcome to 8 Teal Language Arts!


    Hello, and welcome to our class website! Students, I am excited we will be in language arts class together this year! Parents and guardians, I look forward to working with you and your children!   

    I use this class website to share the following information:

    • A list of our daily class activities.
    • The daily homework and due dates
    • An archive of daily class activities and homework assignments by marking period.
    • The weekly extra help hours.
    • Important announcements specifically for language arts and in general for 8th graders.
    • General links and online resources that are not tied to a specific unit or lesson. These are also links that parents and guardians might also want to access.

    Parents and guardians, you have complete access to all of this information on the website, too!


    Students will use Google Classroom to:

    • Access the online materials and links you need to complete assignments and activities
    • Submit assignments digitally.

    Parents and guardians need their children to sign in to Google Classroom to view the materials posted there. 


    Course Information: