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    Middle School Art Program:

    Grade 6 Art- is an introductory course designed to introduce students to the elements and principles of design through art. Students will use a variety of mediums and learn various techniques through numerous projects. Also, students will develop their abilities to make critical judgments about art and understand/appreciate the influences of art history.

    Grade 7 Art: is an intermediate course designed to build upon and increase the student’s knowledge of the elements and principles of design. The familiarity will increase while using a variety of media and techniques. A continued emphasis on critical judgment is accompanied by an increased focus on art from other cultures.

    Grade 8 Art: is a course designed to expand the student’s knowledge, abilities, and critical judgment in art and to introduce new media and skills. Student will explore the following areas in Drawing & Painting, Sculpture & Pottery, and Crafts.

    Vistiting Artist Program
    Please click here to print out the form to participate in Visiting Artist Program.