Welcome to Language Arts

  • I teach 7th grade language arts.

    Homework is written in the planner each day. I encourage students to ask questions about the HW shortly after they copy it down. If a student gets home and finds s/he has a question or needs clarification, s/he should contact another student from class.


    Language Arts 7-Purple

    Ms. Michele Brisson

    Room 117

    Email: mbrisson@tenafly.k12.nj.us


    Writing:   Students will have the opportunity to write about subjects that are important and interesting to them. The writing activities range from brief in-class prompts to more fully developed writing pieces.  Genres we will explore include assorted personal writing, essays, short fiction and poetry.


    Reading:  Students will select books for Independent Reading. Students are expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes/5 nights a week when we have IR (4-6 weeks each marking period).  I encourage students to choose and read books they will enjoy for IR (fiction or non-fiction). We also read an assortment of texts together. We will work on developing responses to literature throughout the year. Shared texts include The Outsiders, assorted short stories, short non-fiction articles/essays and poems. 


    Grammar:   Mechanics of writing are taught primarily in the context of our larger writing and reading units. Worksheets and quizzes may follow lessons.  Lessons range from identifying parts of speech to correcting run-on sentences.  Games and extra credit opportunities are incorporated to further engage students.


    Word Study:  Students will expand their knowledge of vocabulary through reading (IR and shared texts).  Students will further expand their word knowledge using the individualized vocabulary-building website Membean.


    Homework:  Assignments are written on the chalkboard each day.  Class starts with students taking out their planners and copying down the homework.  Homework earns full credit if it is completed well and done on time. Late homework earns ½ credit. Most assignments can be made up late.


    Absence:  After an absence, students need to see me in person outside of class. We will go over what was missed and when it should be completed. I individualize the time needed for making up the work.  I try to work with the student so he or she is not overwhelmed.  Students can follow the link (on this webpage) to see the agenda of what we did in class and what was assigned for homework, but this is NOT a substitute for seeing me.


    Availability:  I am available to work with students after school most days and some mornings (8AM).  Students may simply drop in. No invitation or appointment is required.



    If you have a concern, a question or information about your child you think I should know, contact me. To foster independence and responsibility, please encourage your child to come and speak to me should s/he have questions about grades, assignments, or a concern about something else in class.  My goal is to help all my students grow as readers, writers and thinkers (and have a little fun along the way).  The best way to reach me is through email.  Sometimes a conversation is better than email, so should you want to talk, please include in your email a number where I can reach you during the day.