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    The HSA's main communication comes from the weekly Constant Contact.
    The HSA's Constant Contact contains information about deadlines, upcoming events, fundraisers & HSA meetings.
    If you would like to receive the Constant Contact, please email Lynda Baldini at the address listed here.
    Lynda Baldini, HSA president


    Home and School Association
    Walter Stillman Elementary School


    Ms.Lynda Baldini

    Vice presidents

    Ms. Loran Alvator, Mr.Gus Sheha


    Mr.Matt Libien

    Corresponding Secretary

    Ms. Valerie Darche

    Recording Secretary

    Ms.Sari Hollander

    H.S.A. Meetings


    9:00 a.m.






    9:00 a.m.



    7:30 p.m.


    Stillman H.S.A. is our parent organization. Parents volunteer their time and energies to perform many tasks that bring both social and educational benefits to our children, in addition to supporting the Stillman faculty, staff and our principal. The H.S.A. provides our children with a wealth of enrichment activities not funded by the school district. Through your H.S.A. dues every family becomes a member of the H.S.A.

    Fundraisers and the dues collected by the H.S.A. will provide for the following projects:

    Stillman School Agendas
    Building Improvements
    Classroom Spending Allowances
    Community Outreach and Gifts
    Cultural Arts Program
    ESL Supplies
    5th Grade Graduation Donation
    Handprint Tiles
    Library Spending Allowance
    Lunch Supplies
    Lunchroom Games and Toys
    Mini Grants
    Musical Instruments
    Parent Guidance Committee Donation
    Teacher Appreciation Lunch & Gifts
    Teacher Development Fund
    Governor’s Teacher of the Year Award
    Teacher Retirement Fund

    To help fund all these programs we hold fundraisers throughout the year. Some of these include our Kidstuff book sale, Family portrait night, school lunches, book fair, flower sale and more. Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance in running these programs. The H.S.A. helps to foster the special Stillman community by enabling the parents to participate in their children’s school experience. If you volunteer, we thank you. If you would like to become involved we welcome you. Please join us. There are many ways to serve. Call any of the Executive Board or committee chairpersons to ask how you can become involved.