TMS Teams - Updated Teams teachers will be added in this section of the website at the beginning of the school year. Teacher's email address can be found under the All Staff by Alpha section. 


    About Teams:

    After ongoing- consultation with a student’s team of teachers, the school counselors work directly with the administration to assign each student to a team for the following year. As the counselor moves with the same group of students from one grade to the next at TMS, he/she becomes more knowledgeable about each student’s academic and social needs.

    Grades 6, 7 and 8 are divided into interdisciplinary teams of approximately 100 students and five academic teachers. The teachers share a common schedule and common planning time. Team classes include Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. All other classes are cross-teamed.

    The school counselors place students on teams. The teams are balanced by gender, elementary sending school (Grade 6), learning differences and other needs. Although the curricula on all teams at each grade level are the same, team teachers may plan unique activities or events for their team of students. Teams of students do not stay together for all three years; they are reassigned each year.