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Important Announcements

Staff: For access to Help Sheets and Reference Guides, make sure you are signed in using your Tenafly Google sign-in. Thank you. 

2022-08-01 - Keeping our Data Protected in Tenafly

(updated 2-22-08-31)

Beginning August 31, 2022, the Technology Team added a security technology called MFA--Multifactor Authentication.  MFA requires multiple methods of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify a user's identity for a login or other transaction.  (Example:  a password and a phone). 

The goal of MFA is to create a layered defense that makes it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access a computing device, network or database and provides increased network security to protect personal information of students and staff.  If one factor is compromised or broken, there is at least one or more barriers to breach before successfully breaking into the target.

Google plans to make MFA compulsory for Google account holders (as announced on May 6, 2021). The district's move to DUO was planned prior to our move to Gmail, but the move to Gmail during the summer of 2022 further emphasizes the need for DUO.  

Currently, MFA has been enabled on most technology accounts, including Google (Drive, Classroom, and Gmail), Genesis, and more. Additional data endpoints may be added as the year goes on.

For more information on MFA and DUO, visit the DUO-MFA page on the Technology section of the TPS Website. 

2022-08-21 - TPS Move to Gmail (updated 2022-09-01)   During the summer of 2022, Tenafly Public Schools made the move from Outlook Exchange to Gmail. Training will be provided to all employees at the start of the new school year.    Some important points:

  1. Your email address did not change. Email ids are still
  2. All Outlook Exchange folders were converted to Labels
  3. With the move to Gmail, all TPS employees must have an email signature on their mail accounts.
    1. Signatures must be in Tahoma font, 12pt size, in black
    2. For details on how to add a logo to your signature, see "How to Add a Logo to Your Signature" under Quick Reference Cards on the Staff Resources Quick Reference Guides page
  4. Important: Messages that have been in your Gmail Trash folder more than 30 days will be automatically permanently deleted. Remember, all messages are retrievable via the Barracuda Archiver.

 How to Access Gmail and Update the Gmail App

  1. Gmail is accessible on the computer from Google – at the top right of any Google screen from the word Gmail or from the 9-dot box drop down.
  2. Sign in is the same as before with the email and the same password they used in Outlook and to sign into the computer.
  3. If they want email on their phones, they can use the Gmail app . Both are simple downloads with their Tenafly email address and pw used to sign in. No other setup is necessary. 

More information on customizing your Gmail experience is on the Staff Resources page.