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AHERA Notification to Parents

AHERA Notification to Staff/Parents

August 2023

Re:  2023-2024 School Year/AHERA

The Tenafly Board of Education has contracted with EnviroVision Consultants Inc. to act as their “Designated Person” as defined under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1986.  AHERA required that all educational facilities be inspected for asbestos – containing materials and develop a remedial plan of action on or before May 9, 1989.  In addition, each educational facility shall reassess all identified asbestos – containing materials or materials assumed to be asbestos, at least once every six months (Periodic Surveillance) and re-inspect those facilities every three years (Tri-annual re-inspection).

The Tenafly Board of Education is in compliance with these inspection requirements.  The most recent Tri-Annual re-inspection was performed in March 2021.  “Periodic Surveillance” inspections are performed every March and September, unless a Tri-annual re-inspection is due.  The most recent “Periodic Surveillance” inspection was performed in March, 2023, with the next one scheduled for September, 2023.

Following each inspection, appropriate remedial actions are recommended to the Board of Education by an accredited Asbestos Management Planner.  The remedial plans of action and recommended schedules for implementation (Asbestos Management Plans) are available for review at the Tenafly Board of Education Administrative Office, as well as in each school office.

This past year, no asbestos abatement efforts were undertaken.

To view the full letter, click here: AHERA Notification 2023-2024


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