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District Calendar

Yearly District Calendar 2023-2024  
(BOE updated/approved 1-20-2023; Change to HS Graduation Date: 3-20-2023; Revised 7-6-2023 New Layout, Correction 8-11-2023 March Conference Revised 9-20-2023 for December Elementary P/T Conference Dates Board approved on 10-16-23; added elementary moving up dates 11-17-23)

Yearly District Calendar 2024-2025 (Board approved 9-11-2023: Revised 9-22-23 to include March 2025 THS P/T Conference; Revised 10-5-2023 with new THS and TMS conference dates, Revised 11/8/23; Revised 11/27/23 for snow day references)