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2023 Board Trustee Committees w/Administrators

BOE Committee List

Revised 7-31-23

Negotiations Committee: Jocelyn Schwarz, Paula Newman, Inbal Israeli-Miller, Igor Frid

Referendum Ad Hoc Committee: Jocelyn Schwarz, Paula Newman, Ed Salaski, Michelle Merchant

Liaison Roles
NJSBA Delegate/Legislative Chair: Ed Salaski, (alt) Inbal Israeli Miller

CAP:  Michelle Merchant

TEF:    Igor Frid

Expectations for Committee Chairs
*Committee Reports via Google docs template within 24 hours of meeting (other members to review and give feedback within the next 24 hours)

*Admin develops agenda w/ Chair input

Groups with rotating Board members:

HSA Co-President’s; Diversity Committee (TBA); SEPAC

Note: BLPA, KPA, etc. will remain solely parent groups (they can report to the Diversity Committee on important issues if they choose)