• Units Of Study


    Our daily reading program includes:
    • Listening to good literature (one or more stories and poems each day)
    • Shared Reading with children joining in as they are ready
    • Phonics 
    • Guided Reading to learn new skills 
    • Independent reading (looking at books)

    Part of our literacy program will involve daily writing. It has been demonstrated that kindergarteners can write much more than one thought if they are allowed to use their own spellings and are encouraged to be creative. We call their own spelling “Inventive Spelling”. Good spelling will come later as the reading and writing process develops.
    Word Study

    Our Kindergarten Phonics program is a multisensory approach to learning phonics. The students use visual, auditory and kinesthetic skills to learn the letters, their corresponding sounds and numerous sight words.

    We use a program created through the "University of Chicago." This program is based on research that shows that young children are capable of far more mathematics learning in kindergarten than was previously believed possible as long as the content is presented and explored in ways appropriate for children of Kindergarten age.

    This year our main science units are called:
    From Seed to Plant
    Animals in Winter
    Sunshine and Shadows
    Social Studies

    This year our main Social Studies units are called:
    All About Me
    Map Skills