• 5th Grade Curricular Units


    Language Arts  

    This year students will take their skills and develop them even further to become better readers and writers.  Through books and short stories, they will learn about themselves and others in the world—both present and past. Our class will share their narratives and personal essays.  They will practice persuasive writing and create original poetry. During the year there will be many books shared during class.  In addition, students will independently read nightly as they explore various genres. Some of our writing and many of the books read relate directly to other subject areas.  In this way, students will gain a deeper understanding of the topic they are exploring.



    This will be an exciting year of exploration of the world around us.  Our class will be using a new program called Inspire Science to guide us through many units of study.  Several new modules, which we will investigate, will include concepts in Physical Science - Structures and Properties of Matter, Earth Science - Earth and the Solar System, and Life Science - The Interaction of Living Things.


    Social Studies     

    Throughout the coming school year, the class will examine the idea of power and how it is used.  Fifth grade begins its social studies with an exploration of America’s Westward Expansion during the 1800’s.  Students will be examining the period and events from both the pioneer and Native American point of view. Students will also learn about Slavery  through primary sources, various texts, discussions and interactive projects.  Next, they will investigate specific aspects of the Civil War, how it shaped our nation, and led to the Civil Rights era.



    Our fifth grade mathematics program will continue to use the Everyday Mathematics program to review and expand on concepts from prior grades.   As the year progresses, students will explore and be challenges by new mathematical strategies.  

    Some of the strands that we will be covering are:  data and chance, geometry, measurement, and reference frames, numeration, operations and computation, patterns, functions, and algebra.

    Woven throughout the units will be several key mathematical themes:  algorithmic and procedural thinking, estimation skill, and number sense, mental arithmetic skills, and real world application problem solving.




    Throughout the year students are assessed in a number of ways.

    These include:

    Class participation




    Journal Responses

    Journal Writing




    Please also refer to the 5th grade district report card rubrics that can be found on our district website.