• Students have 2 thirty minute periods of Spanish each week. Grade 2- 5 students are expected to have a separate Spanish notebook and folder, which they are to bring to class. Students in grades k-1 need only a Spanish folder.

    Written homework is given in grades 3-5. Students are to bring completed homewok to class on time. 

    Students are assesed by their class participation, homework and in grades 3-5 written quizes and tests.

    Below is the Spanish Schedule:

    K- Dewitt: Thurs. Friday                 3- Kushner; Wed. Thurs.

    K- Schwartz:Wed. Friday                3-Pagano:Mon. Thurs

    K-Wellman: Wed. Friday                 3-Pita:Tues. Wed.             

    1-Berg: Wed. Friday                      4- Baily: Wed. Thurs

    1-Nowack: Tuesday, Friday            4-Lee:Mon. Tues.         

    1-Zawadski: Thurs. Friday             4-Shenloogian: Mon. Tues

    2- Emma: Mon. Tues                    5- Eisenberg: Mon. Tues

    2- Friedman: Mon. Tues.               5- Niessenbaum: Wed. Thurs

    2- Harris Tues. Thurs.                   5- Witte: Mon. Friday




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