• Welcome to 7th grade band members and their families!  Everything you need is on the 7th grade Band Google Classroom, including homework assignment, grading rubrics, practice logs, concert music and more!

    Visit the announements, files, homework and links boxes below to find everything you need for band class.  Check the Parent Portal often to keep up-to-date with your assignments and grades.

    A note about grades:

    •   The parent portal should be used as a snapshot of your child's academic progress.  The grade average that is reflected may not accurately communicate your child's progress on any given day.  If the grade is lower than you expected, please check for missing assignments and specific comments from Dr. Burja.  After you've checked these areas, please feel free to email me with any questions.
    •   Student achievement in Band is measured by a variety of factors.  Consistent effort makes all the difference!  Student grades will consist of: participation, lesson attendance, effort, preparation, musical vocabulary and performance/progress on their instrument.  Students are expected to have their instrument and binder for every class and every lesson.
    •   All homework assignments are listed in Google classroom.  Homework consists primarily of weekly practice logs.  In 7th grade, practice logs are collected 3 times per marking period.  Students should mark all the due dates in their planner or family calendar.  Other assignments may be assigned throughout the school year and will always be posted on google classroom.

    •  Playing tests - Playing tests occur once per marking period and will cover the scale warmup that we're been focusing on in class and lessons, as well as concert music or additional technical exercises.  Playing tests generally occur in the second half of the marking period.
    •  The final grade will be posted at the end of the marking period, but students and parents should monitor progress on the parent portal.  Keeping lines of communications open is very important, so please email me right away if you have a concern.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY... students should be ready to work hard and play some great music!  As the sign in my classroom says, "I won't promise it'll be easy, I do promise that it will be worth it!"  

    REMIND ME - Parents... please join the 7th grade Band Remind list.  If you're not familiar with REMIND, it's a tool for teachers to communicate with parents and students.   It's a one-way communication tool, from me to you, so it's a way for me to send out reminders - about homework, field trips, permissions slips, concerts, etc..  This is done WITHOUT access to anyone's personal cell phone number, but through a third-party.  I'm requiring all students to join, either by cell phone or email (or both).  Parents are more than welcome to join as well... it's up to you!  Click on the link below to see the instructions on how to join.

    Lessons start on Monday, September 16.  Schedules will go home with students by Friday, Sept. 13.  Schedules will posted here as well.

    JOIN GOOGLE CLASSROOM - For students only... the code was given out in class, but here it is again.  6rhpm8