• Student Assessment

    Students will be assessed using a variety of methods throughout the year.  In the fourth grade, students will be assessed in mathematics, reading, science, social studies, writing, and technology.  Report cards will be distributed three time a year: December, March, and June.  You can take a look at the Fourth Grade Report Card Rubric on the Tenafly Public School Website.

    Classroom Expectations and Behaviors

    It is my goal to create a classroom environment where meaningful learning takes place while students have fun and feel safe.  In the beginning of the year, our class created our classroom rules together. We decided what rules would help our classroom run smoothly as well as keep us safe. By creating these rules together, it hopefully gave each a sense of ownership for our classroom, helping them understand what is expected of them and  how they should behave in and out of our classroom.

    All of the students have a Hole Punch Card on their desk where they are rewarded for following classroom rules and procedures and being an active participant within the classroom.  After getting 20 hole punches, they are allowed to choose a coupon as a reward.  In addition, our class has a BINGO chart where they are rewarded as a class for positive behaviors. When they complete a row or a column, the class gets to have a celebration.

    Homework should be completed on a daily basis and will complete a missing assignment sheet that requires a parent signature when it is not.