• Student Assessment

    The students will be assessed in a variety of methods throughout the year. Students will be assessed in mathematics, reading, writing, science, social studies, and technology. Report cards will be distributed three times a year, in December, March, and June. You can take a look at the First Grade Report Card rubrics using the link below.

     Tenafly Public Report Cards


     Classroom Expectations and Behavior

    Our Super Improvers Wall is a Whole Brain teaching strategy to help students visually see their behavior and academic goals.  It is positively motivating for them to move up on the board. Each child has their own personal goal so that everyone is successful. The nice thing about the Super Improvers Wall is that it is an individualized program for each child.  It is goal-oriented which is focused on improvement. Each child is working on a goal, whether it be behavioral or academic. I also love that it is a goal-oriented philosophy which is focused on personal improvement.

    As soon as a child moves up a level they will bring home a card for you to celebrate.  Thank you for your support.

     super improvers wall

     Click on the link to learn more about Whole Brain Teaching: Whole Brain Teaching.