• Student Assessment 

    Students will be assessed using a variety of methods throughout the year.  Students are assessed in all areas of Reading including fluency, phonetics, and comprehension. 

     I follow a multi-sensory approach meaning that in addition to reading and writing words with our target sound, we will be actively engaged with the sound in some way.  This can be anything from singing a song with many examples of the target sound, engaged in a “craft-ivity” which combines art with an activity, and making interactive notebook pages with flaps, pockets, and tabs. 

    dancing pens


                 Since my class replaces the reading instruction being done in the general education classroom, your child should complete the spelling and reading homework I give daily rather than the one given by his/her grade level teacher. 

                In addition to completing a worksheet or writing sentences, your child is expected to read every night.  For some of these nights that may include you or another adult reading to your child but some nights should be the child reading to you.  I have many books that the students are encouraged to bring home for as long as needed to complete the book.  Later in the year, specific books with comprehension questions will be given to your child to complete.