1.  Take care of ourselves.

    2.  Take care of each other.

    3.  Take care of this place.

    Stillman School Declaration of Values

    These are the values of the Stillman School community.  They are important because they help us create a comfortable and productive learning environment and they remind us to treat each other with respect, compassion, and understanding.

     Love of Learning:

    • We are excited about new ideas.
    • We are curious and enthusiastic learners.
    • We try our best.


    • We think about the feelings of other people.
    • We are kind, polite, and friendly
    • We listen and follow directions.


    • We take care of ourselves and others.
    • We take care of our school and environment.

     Open Mindedness:

    • We understand that each person is special and important.
    • We appreciate and learn from other people’s ideas and opinions.


    • We make a difference by participating in school activities, community efforts and world concerns.


    • We tell the truth.
    • We take responsibility for our words and actions.