• As an educator, I am a facilitator of learning, guiding all students in discovery and supporting their efforts in “learning how to learn”.  Being attentive to my students’ diverse abilities, I strive to enable my students to acquire the necessary learning strategies they will need for future academic success while, at the same time, challenging them to work cooperatively, exhibiting empathy and acceptance of others and their opinions.

    Part of my task is to ensure that academic curriculum is made comprehensible to my ELL students in order for academic learning and second language development to take place.  The acquisition of a second language involves the acquisition of another culture and I incorporate into my teaching nurture and support to ensure a safe environment in which students will feel comfortable.

    I believe that learning takes place in relationship and I strive to establish positive relationships with my students, respecting them as unique individuals with special gifts.  I believe that my students will learn as much from who I am as from what I teach.  I will try to model the values I espouse.  Humor is an integral part of my classroom.  Learning should be fun and I tailor my instructional methods to this end.

    It is important for me to work in collaboration with my colleagues and the parents and families of my students.  They are an invaluable resource to me.  I place great importance on reflective practice and constantly reflect on how I can improve as an educator.