• Student Assessment

    Students will be assessed using a variety of methods throughout the year. In the fourth grade, students will be assessed in mathematics, reading, science, social studies, writing and technology. Report cards will be distributed three times per year: in December, March, and June.  You can take a look at the Fourth Grade Report Card Rubric using the Tenafly Website.


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  • Class Expectations

    We have constructed a class constitution where by students created a set a rules they have committed to by signed their name.  This will create a peaceful environment conducive to learning.

    We also complete weekly team score sheets where students keep track of daily expectations as a team; such as homework, start the morning job, etc. Points will be given or taken away based on behavior. Team score sheets are collected on Fridays, and prizes are awarded to teams with the most points.

    Homework Policy

    Wordly Wise packets are given on Fri. The test on words from the packet and the packet are due on the following Fri.

    Read – 20 min.

    Reading Logs are to be done Monday – Thurs. Since students are in partnerships (later on book clubs) and assign their own homework, they need to be mindful of their partners and complete the reading assignments on time and not read ahead. 

    Math is usually one page per evening.

    We have Spanish Monday and Friday.


    PLEASE SIGN AGENDA EVERY NIGHT, I often use them to write notes home.

                        If your child needs cough drops please send in with a note. All medications need to go to the nurse’s office.

                         *Send in healthy snack every day

                         *Students should not be spending more that 1 hour per night on homework.


    Missed work due to instrumental lessons must be made up by the student.

          **We have homework buddies, if a student is absent their buddy will bring the homework home for them (we hope)

    If there is a particular area of interest to you that we are studying, please feel free to contact me and we could arrange for you to come in and be a guest speaker.

    Any questions / concerns throughout the year e-mail or write a note in agenda & we can arrange a time to meet. I’m pretty good at responding to e-mails when I have the time to check them. My email is sbailey@tenafly.k12.nj.us 

    Bulletin Boards: Spread Your Wings – When students have a one on one play date with someone NEW they get a wing.

    girl reading  girl reading