• Maugham School Rules: 

    1. Take care of this place.
    2. Take care of eachother.
    3. Take care of your self.

    Homework Expectations: 

    • Homework is assigned nightly Monday - Thursday.
    • Daily assignments should take about 15-30 minutes each night.
    • Students will be required to read for at least 20 minutes each night, Monday – Thursday. Reading on weekends is optional or as needed to fulfill the weekly reading goal.
    • If your child has any questions at home, encourage him/her to call a classmate or speak to me the next morning.
    • Parents should review homework to ensure that it has been completed and your child has put forth his/her best effort – with legible, neat handwriting too. Here is the Homework Grading Rubric for Grade 2. Parents are not expected to correct mistakes. Assignments are an assessment tool and help me to see the areas in which s/he may need more support.  If you tend to help your child often with their assignments, please let me know by jotting a quick note or by emailing me.
    • IMPORTANT: Student planners should be checked and initialed by a parent/guardian each night. There is space at the bottom of each date where you may include a brief note or read one from me. Homework folders should be checked daily and emptied from papers returned.

    clip art of boy writing at a desk