• Class Expectations



    Students will develop responsibility for themselves, their property, assignments. 

    Expect all students to treat each other and the teachers with respect .

    Develop a feeling of pride in their accomplishments. 

    Emphasis will be placed on maintaining and improving self-concept.

    Students will learn to work harmoniously in groups. 

    Emphasis will be placed on communication skills ORGANIZATION AND RESPONSIBILITY

    Students must come to school prepared for class: completed assignments, books, sharpened pencils, planners, etc. 

    The students need to take responsibility for their homework and behavior in class



    Must be done every night; district guidelines state 30-45 minutes each night in addition to the reading.

    Parents should check homework and send in a note if there is a problem.

    Reading Logs: children write the title of the book, author, the genre, the pages they started and ended reading, how many pages they have read, PARENT SIGNATURE may be required if the student is not reading each night.