• Everything You Need to Know about LANGUAGE ARTS with Mrs. Ayes

    What will we learn in Language Arts?


    • Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Skills:
      • Identifying Main Idea and Details
      • Comparing and Contrasting
      • Cause and Effect
      • Point of View
      • Story Elements & Theme
      • Figurative Language

    • Fiction and Nonfiction Comprehension Strategies:
      • Making Predictions
      • Asking Questions
      • Self-Monitoring
      • Determining Importance
      • Summarizing
      • Making Inferences

    • Individualized Instruction
    • We will use the Flex Literacy program throughout the school year in small guided reading groups and for independent skill work

    • Independent Reading
      • Weekly reading and IR log
      • Written responses about IR book

    • Writing
      • Sentence Structure and Paragraph Writing
      • Literary Analysis
      • Informational/Research Writing Pieces

    • Vocabulary and Grammar Instruction
      • Word parts
      • Academic vocabulary
      • Capitalization, Punctuation, and mechanics in writingLanguage Arts 

    What should I bring to class each day?

    • LA Binder
    • 5 dividers
    • Independent Reading Book
    • Planner
    • Something to write with

    How will we be graded in Language Arts?

    1) Students are graded on a point system.  Each assignment is worth a certain number of points.  To find out a grade, divide the number of points earned by the total number of possible points and then multiply by 100.

    2) What gets graded?

    • IR Log & IR Responses
    • Reading and Writing assignments
    • Projects
    • Quizzes
    • Other classwork and homework
    • Participation/Effort