Welcome to Academic Support 10/11

  • Academic Support - Grades 10 & 11


    The Academic Support course at this level will continue the focus of the 9th Grade Program with an emphasis on the skills necessary for a student to complete work effectively. Self-advocacy and independence are encouraged for the students to gain skills they will need in their post-secondary placements. At this level the program will also address such topics as transition planning, the importance of high school transcripts, post-secondary options and support services, teacher recommendations, HSPA Exam and the procedures required to take the PSAT Exam, SAT Exam, ACT Exam.


    Annual Goals and Objectives
    Preparation and Organization
    Learning Strategies
    Note Taking
    Test Taking Skills
    Transition Planning
    Time Management
    Communication Skills
    Test Preparation
    Research SkillsAdvocacy


    • Daily Planner
    • 3 ring notebooks/binders with paper
    • Pens, pencils, highlighters
    • White out
    • Calculator

    ASSESSMENT/GRADING: All posted grades are based on points earned out of total possible points. This course is pass/fail.

    • Class Preparation
    • Planner
    • Class Work
    • Notebook checks
    • Class activities/assignments
    • Semester Project(s)