• May 29, 2020  

    Dear Tenafly School Community,

    As we wrap up another month and prepare for the final weeks of this highly unusual school year, we share with you the following information:

    Registration is open for our 2020 Summer Enrichment Program, which will be conducted virtually this summer.  We have a robust offering of both review and enrichment courses including ACT and SAT prep. All information is available on our website https://www.tenaflyschools.org/domain/80

    While we have received guidance from the state allowing for “modified in-person, outdoor, socially-distanced” graduation ceremonies on/after July 6, 2020, the allowance criteria to date does not foster a large group event.  Instead, current regulations require the total number of people in attendance at one time to align with the capacity limitations set forth by the state at the time of the event.  

    For example, if such a ceremony were to be held now, no more than 25 people - including those facilitating and monitoring the event - would be allowed to take part.  For this reason, the NJDOE and the Governor have advised that any district choosing to host in-person graduations should be prepared to have multiple ceremonies, given large graduating classes.  

    We await further direction and determinations before formalizing and publicizing any plans. 

    Our schools are excited to be moving forward with virtual celebrations as the official forum for our promotion/graduation ceremonies for 2020. Doing so provides students with true and traditional graduation dates in the month of June.  Sincere thanks to all principals, administrators, staff, parents and students who are doing their part to make these events extraordinary!  

    As a reminder, the dates and times of our ceremonies are as follows:

        • Mackay School: Monday, June 15th at 9:00 AM 
        • Stillman School: Monday, June 15th at 12:00 PM 
        • Maugham School: Tuesday, June 16th at 9:00 AM
        • Smith School: Tuesday, June 16th at 12:00 PM
        • Tenafly Middle School:  Wednesday, June 17th at 6:00 PM
        • Tenafly High School:  Thursday, June 18th at 6:00 PM

    As these dates approach, school based communication will continue to be shared offering detailed information for each ceremony, including viewing availability so family/friends at a distance may partake in the celebration.

    While we await word from the State as to the programming format for next school year, our administrators and staff are planning diligently for a variety of scenarios.  These include:  

      • A traditional, standard Return, with social distancing implementation 
      • Modified student schedule (daily and/or weekly)  
      • Blended Learning Program (part onsite/part remote)
      • Fully Remote Learning Program

    We will have a variety of frameworks in place.  Once our “return to school” format is determined and announced, we will be ready to finalize and formalize a detail-specific plan in accord with our stakeholders and in accord with contractual agreements.

    We hope to receive the State’s determination on this matter later this month.  We will continue to keep the community posted when information is available and ready for sharing.

    May is mental health awareness month, and while we close the month on our calendar, we certainly do not close our attention on the importance of well-being and being well.  Tenafly Stigma Free - our community's task force promoting mental health awareness and support - has been hard at work with VISUAL reminders that mental health help is available for all during this challenging time.  

    Take notice of the LIME tree ribbons on Washington Street as well as the LIME lawn signs throughout our town.  If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with any sort of mental health related issue text "HOME" to 741741.  Help is available and free; you are not alone.  Additionally, the Tenafly COVID-19 Resource Guide is updated regularly and can be found at the top of the borough's website.  

    Our participation in “BeTheLight” will continue this week on Friday evening at 20:20 PM (8:20pm) in honor of the THS Class of 2020.  Once again, this week’s event will be livestreamed for all to enjoy from their homes on the THS-TV Facebook page:  facebook.com/THS-TV .  A recording of the event will also be available on this site. 

    Wishing you all a wonderful, warm weekend as we welcome June on Monday.

    Stay healthy, stay well, and stay strong.


    Very Truly Yours,

    Shauna C. DeMarco

    Superintendent of Schools