*Fever over 100. Children should remain home for 24 hours after fever has resolved, without the  use of medicine. Children will be sent home from school with a temperature of 100 or above.
    *Any vomiting or diarrhea during the night, in school or in the morning before school must stay home for 24 hours until symptom free.
    *Crusty, itchy, draining, red eyes.
    *Any undiagnosed rash. Contact your physician if your child has a rash, skin irritation or skin lesion. Doctor's note on return to school that child is not contagious.
    *Severe cold, sore throat or cough symptoms, with thick discolored drainage from nose.
    *Students who are being treated with an antibiotic must complete 24 hours of treatment and be fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to school.

    **Please notify the school nurse if your child is missing school or has been diagnosed with an infectious disease process @ 201-816-7710, hit #2 for nurse.**

    *Students will not be excused from PE class or recess without a note from a physcian.
    * If your child is injured, the medical note must state the activity limitations and when the child may return to full activity.
    MEDICATION: If your child requires a prescription or over the counter medication while at school, parents must bring the medication to the nurse in the original container with the district medication form signed by the parent & the physician. The med form and policy are available below.

    FLU SHOT OFFERINGS: For information on where you and your family can obtain their Flu vaccination, go to Flu.gov. Remember that the Flu vaccination is required for all Pre K and daycare centers in NJ, to be received between September 1 to December 31 st. The Flu vaccine is the only known protection against the Flu virus. Flu season ends on April 31st in NJ.

    **Please feel free to contact me with any health concerns, food allergies,injuries, rashes, safety issues or questions @ 201-816-7710, hit #2 for nurse. Take a moment to read the Stillman Story monthly and watch for my Health Tips!
    My priority as your school nurse is the health & wellness of your child while in school as healthy children learn better!

    Welcome back and Have a great 2019/20 school year!!! Nurse Hess