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    Most of your children are now on Google Classroom for their classroom teachers. Starting tomorrow, I will be assigning work for their lesson and for their rehearsal that they are missing. This will not take up much time (10-15 minutes total) and it will be a nice study break to help refocus and go forth through the week. The work will be due every Friday and either an audio or video recording will be attached to the assignment and turned in to me. No one else will be able to see or hear these recordings and I will give prompt feedback. I will have office hours every day from 2:00 pm-2:30 PM during the week in order to accommodate questions.

     I have also signed our schools up for SmartMusic. This will help students that do not have lesson books and supplemental material. I do ask that as the parent, please sign your child up with this. The district is using this for instrumental music lessons and full ensemble rehearsal.  I will be assigning a few pages in the lesson book to be completed by the end of the week.

     For students that do not have their instruments, I have assigned written work to help with note reading and rhythms.

     Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to hearing your child playing their instrument.

     Orchestra: 5paeweu

     Band: q6rpryu

     Super Orchestra: afximgs

    Mrs. DeJoseph


    SmartMusic codes are on Google Classroom for the respective grade and ensemble.