• Ms. Suter’s Grading, Homework, and Technology Policies

    Your average for the marking period is based on the number of points you earned, divided by the total number of points possible.   

    For example:
    Total # of points possible: 1000
    Total # of points you earned: 880
    Average: 88% (B+)

    Assignment point values:
    Homework: 5-10 points
    Quizzes: 25-50 points
    Tests/Projects: 50-100 points

    If you forget to do or bring your homework, you may bring it in late for partial credit. If you are absent from school for any reason, you can hand in your homework the day after you come back. You should also check my website or contact a friend to ask about what you missed.  

    Writing assignments should be done on Google drive and shared with me (ksuter@tenafly.k12.nj.us)
    If the Internet is down and/or your technology is inaccessible, please submit any writing assignments/homework on paper by hand.