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    Course Overview
    In the fall semester this course involves a chronological study of American civilization through topical emphases that complement the American literature program in the English department. This semester covers the period from 1787 to 1850 (the Articles of Confederation and the Philadelphia Convention to the eve of the Compromise of 1850) and includes an in-depth study of the Constitution. Other topics include the Federalist and Jeffersonian eras; nationalism, sectionalism, and the Jacksonian Age; and the economic development of the North and the South. Emphasis is placed on historiography, historical interpretation, and document analysis.
    The spring semester covers the period from 1850 to 1914 (the Compromise of 1850 to the end of the Progressive Era). Major topics include the decade of the 1850's; the Civil War and Reconstruction; industrialization, the emergence of the labor movement, and the New Immigration; Populism; and Progressivism. The emphasis of the first semester is continued and reinforced. A special research/analysis project is required for each semester.

    Course requirements and grading policy can be found here




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